Ainsley Adams pleases her man

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We asked Ainsley Adams, a 51-year-old divorcee, what she does to make a guy feel special, and here’s what she said.

“Definitely pleasing my man in bed is a huge priority for me and most always will include an amazing blow job. No matter the time it takes, I will blow him until he orgasms. And, yes, then I swallow. Out of bed, I please him by showing respect for his passions, flirting with him, sending him hot, sexy texts during the day and keeping myself in shape to look my best for him.”

Let’s take what Ainsley said little by little. Amazing blow job? She definitely gives that in this, her first fuck at after fucking two years ago at Swallow? Well, not at first. After she sucks the cock, she wants it to fuck her, which it does. But when the dude shoots his load, Ainsley’s mouth is open for cum.

The out of bed part we can’t speak to. But we do know that Ainsley is in incredible shape. She’s slim and curvy and has a fine pair of tits.

“Sex in the afternoon is always a big plus,” she said. “A man who is respectful of me and my needs and treats me as his queen is super hot. I also love feeling sexy. The sexier I feel, the hornier I will be.”

She couldn’t look any sexier.