Andi Ray: Big Bathin’ Boobs

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“I love lots of eye-contact,” Andi Ray said about the things she likes to do with guys during sex. “If he likes me to suck his balls, I’ll do it. I love lots of kissing and touching when we fuck. I like to tell my partner when I’m cumming.”

Andi does hot, slurpy ball-sucking in her XLGirls scenes. You can tell she is really into sex with hung guys.

“Neck kissing and kissing my inner thighs for a long time makes me very horny. Sucking dick turns me on a lot! I could pass on receiving oral because most people aren’t good at it.”

Andi likes to play with hot girls too.

“I found a girl on Craigslist to have my first time with. It was her first time too. It was my senior year of college.”

Andi does some mirror play before she gets into the tub and cums clean.

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