Bad Little Braceface

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Just because Alexa has braces doesn’t mean that she’s innocent. In this scene, she’s wearing her older sister’s sexy lingerie to seduce this guy. As he pulls down her red lacy bra and thong to get to her goods, it’s safe to say her seduction plan worked.

Alexa has tear-drop-shaped tits and a round booty. This guy laps up her shaved pussy until she’s so worked up she just has to have his cock in her mouth. Here’s another fact about Alexa: Just because she has braces doesn’t mean they get in the way of blow jobs. She masterfully maneuvers her tongue and lips around his shaft to get him to maximum hardness.

He bends her over and fucks her from behind. With that ass, we don’t blame him. Alexa’s pussy grips him tightly as he thrusts into her while tugging on her pigtails. Her slit grips his cock tightly no matter what position she’s in: spooning, reverse cowgirl, regular cowgirl and on her back. After all that fucking, he shoots his load clear across her face, and Alexa gladly licks it up and rubs it onto her lips and braces.