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Olivia stands out in a crowd.
And it’s not just because she’s beautiful. At 6’4″, she literally towers above most people. “I’m a regular girl; I’m just tall! It has its advantages. For example, sex positions that require standing and 69 work well for me.”

Are guys ever intimidated by your height?
“I’m sure some are, but the good thing about being tall is that I tend to attract confident guys who don’t mind if I’m a few inches taller than them. And confidence is a huge turn-on. Plus, height doesn’t matter that much when you’re horizontal. Anyway, my pussy is really tight and I love to swallow cum. Isn’t that all that matters?”

What’s the hottest sex you’ve ever had?
“Once, I met a guy at a pool and we got to talking. I figured we would just exchange numbers and go from there, but things kept getting hotter. We got in the water and he started fingering me. Then he went under the water and licked my pussy. There were people around, too. He came up and we embraced, and then he slid his cock in. We had to go really slow to not be obvious, but it was so hot.”