Brooklyn Springvalley: Hula Hoopin’ Hooters

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Brooklyn Springvalley hoops it up but her huge breasts get in the way. Brooklyn does find a new way to hang a hula hoop but only for a short time because she’s going to get naked and play another game.

SCORELAND: How do you find bras that fit?

Brooklyn Springvalley: It’s a little hard. I have to order them online. It’s like I have milk jugs attached to my chest! I like soft bras and underwire bras with a deep plunge.

SCORELAND: What do you wear when you go out?

Brooklyn Springvalley: I wear tank tops when I’m bicycling. Otherwise, I wear something that emphasizes my breasts, unless I’m going someplace where that wouldn’t be appropriate. I wear fitted shirts or dresses, often low-cut.