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Sharon Pink is a woman who knows how to drive a guy into sex madness. Hooking up with Sharon Pink is like popping a Viagra.

SCORE stunt-cock Neeo has been patiently waiting for Sharon Pink to arrive. She makes her big entrance and lives up to her name in a tiny, pink dress that brings out the best in her mouthwatering tits and fuckin’ stacked, gorgeous body.

Sharon decides to put on a striptease show before she gets down to the main event. Her fuck partner can barely handle it and once Sharon has stripped down, he gets to sucking her knockers ravenously. Sharon dives for his thickening shaft and sucks it heartily, making the kind of slurping, lip-smacking blow job sounds that men love to hear.

Sharon lies down to be cunt-snacked and then wraps her boobs around his dick, massaging his boner with her breast-flesh. Now it’s time to fuck. He bores into her pink pussy, named after her, and ramrods her like a machine. She rides his cock equally hard, grinding and bouncing on it like a fitness trainer. On her back, Sharon lifts up her tits and sticks her tongue out while he furiously beats off in her face, depositing a layer of nut-paste on her chest which she rubs into her skin and licks off his now depleted meat-missile.