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Dominno is dressed, or should we say, partly dressed, to attract a lot of traffic. Surely, some of that traffic will help her steer a horny driver to a room where she can make some cash. She breezily, as if without a care in the world, lights up a cigarette as she waits for a cruiser to pick her up and make her day. She checks her garters, her make-up. Gorgeous. The hottest lady of the night on her turf. She doesn’t have to wait long for business, not with her face and body.

A car comes to a stop and Dominno and the driver play the negotiation game. It goes fast, a deal is made and her trick plays hide the bills as a sort of economic foreplay to stimulate the whore-meter in her.

They get back to her place and the action starts immediately. No wine and chat for them. Her john lavishes his attention on her big bazonkas and curvy hips. Dominno is happy to have a virile, young stud with a big cock to suck. Her beauty and sex appeal get him charged up to fuck the shit out of her. She’s an exquisite piece of ass, and while the clock is ticking, she’s all his. She gets him so worked up, he nuts all over her upraised tits. No doubt, this muttering trick will be cruising by Dominno’s spot again, and very soon. You never know when these streetwalking sluts come and go, and Dominno’s a keeper. He’s hooked on Dominno.