How much is Nowell into anal? Find out!

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Nowell Mynx was expecting some company, but while waiting, she pleasures herself with a big toy. When he arrives, she invites him to join her, and he doesn’t hesitate for a second. Before long, she’s deep-throating his dick, going as deep on his cock as she can, and then she’s getting her sweet ass fucked because that’s what she wanted all along. Talk about a woman who’s really into anal! Nowell can’t get enough, and eventually, the dude has no choice but to shoot his load all over her ass. How long do you expect a guy to hold back?

Nowell is a 50-year-old wife from Colorado who used to be in the military. When we asked her if she’s into anal sex, she answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and now she’s showing us how much she loves it.

“I’m an assertive person by nature and I will let my partner know what I want in all things,” she said. “I’m an extreme exhibitionist. I find it very thrilling and hot.”

She’s a swinger who’s into men, women and gang bangs. Her fantasy is to get caught while having sex in public. And when she’s out in public, “I will wear a thin shirt, no bra. I may wear shorts with no panties or a skirt with no panties. Or we could be going out and if I wear a dress, it will be the same thing underneath: nothing.”

Why waste time? Nowell doesn’t want anything getting in the way of you and her good stuff.