It’s A Fact: This Lady’s Stacked

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Amaya May is watching “The Busty Housewives of SCORELAND” (or something like that) on television when Tony Rubino sneaks behind her for a rack attack. Amaya’s huge tits are a magnet. If you love big tits, resistance is useless. His hands are magnetically attracted to them. Amaya likes to play with her heavy hooters as much as any guy. It’s a fact that many big-boobed chicks automatically fondle their boobs when watching TV, reading or surfing the web.

Tony works Amaya’s big nipples over with fingers and tongue. That gets her juices flowing. It’s the kind of foreplay she likes. He sticks a hand down her cut-offs, then stands her up and strips this mighty-mighty brick house down. Kneeling her down, Tony tit-fucks Amaya, throat-fucks her and tells her to sit on his pole and grind. Since Amaya is a trained dancer and runs her own dance studio back home, she’s a winner at dirty-dancing, especially on top of hard men. It’s a lap dance with banging.

“I like a man who pays attention to what I like,” Amaya says. “I’m pretty assertive at sex. I like to fuck almost every day and I like it when a guy gives my big tits a lot of attention.”

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