Joanna Meadows has two big toys!

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The average woman would be intimidated by either of the toys 52-year-old Joanna Meadows is using in this scene. Well, Joanna is not like most women, and her toys are big. One is about the length of your arm, the other’s about the thickness of it. She uses the long one on her pussy and the short, thick one on other parts of her body, even sucking it so she can imagine doing two guys at the same time. Shy she ain’t. Horny and fuckable she is.

Joanna shared her perfect day with us.

“Sleeping in a little bit, rolling over and having morning sex with my partner then heading out for a hike followed by a great meal, maybe on a boat for sunset. I love to eat good food. Then cuddle up and watch a movie or some TV then to bed for another round of sex.

“I am a swinger. I had my first threesome when I was a teenager and have had many swinger relationships over the years. My wildest swinger experiences are all related to lifestyle takeover parties where I’ve been able to have sex with multiple people, watch my partner have sex with multiple people and have others watch us. It’s particularly fulfilling for me if I know that another person’s orgasm is the result of watching me.”

In other words, the stuff Joanna is doing at She’s doing it as much for herself as she is for you…as long as you jack off and cum, that is.