Michelle Burns Brightly

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Michelle is a redheaded beauty from the Pacific Northwest. She’s young, tall, has alabaster skin, a shaved pussy and she’s as virginal as you’re gonna get in porn. She only had sex with two guys before she decided to try adult modeling in the pandemic, and she’s still dating the second guy. Enjoy this brief interview.

What made you decide to show the world your body?

I was looking for something to do during the pandemic. I started posting pics to Onlyfans, and it went well.

Was your boyfriend okay with that?

He’s a really open-minded guy.

Do you think it turns him on to know that thousands of guys have seen his girlfriend naked?

Probably in some ways…yeah. I think every guy wants a girl who’s a total virgin in some ways and a total slut in other ways. I’m shy in real life, but when I’m taking pictures or videos, I let my wild side show.

What’s next for you?

I’m just enjoying the ride. I’d like to get married and settle down someday. I’d also like a job with responsibilities and adventure. Who knows? I’m having fun right now.

Unfortunately, since we shot this footage of her, Michelle decided to stop shooting adult content. The brightest stars burn the fastest. Enjoy this exclusive content of the 20-year-old phenom-in-the-making who could have had a long career but decided to hang up her hat too soon.