Nikki’s first on-camera fuck

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“I’m a country girl,” 52-year-old Nikki Hoffman said. “My hobbies are working out, hiking, traveling and having sex, and this is my first time ever doing porn.”

She’s been a stripper for 22 years so she’s used to showing off her naked body, but sucking and fucking on-camera? She’s never done that, and the guy she’s sucking and fucking is almost half her age.

We always ask our ladies to fill out model info sheets so we can get to know them better. One of the questions is, “What do you want to try that you haven’t done?” Nikki answered, “Porn.” So you could say we’re making her dream come true. Don’t you love dreams that involve hot, big-titted blondes sucking cock and balls and getting their pussies filled? Getting their faces glazed? We do.

Nikki is a swinger whose wildest experience was with two guys and two girls. The wildest experience she didn’t have was when a guy she met in San Antonio, Texas wanted her to fuck him in the butt with a 15″ dildo. Nikki, by the way, isn’t into anal sex. But she is into being watched.

“It’s exciting and kinky and gives a thrill like no other,” she said.

She obviously enjoyed herself here.