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For most people, their friends’ siblings, exes and especially parents are off-limits for fucking. Ginger is not most people. In this scene, she’s happy to suck and fuck her bestie’s dad.

“I melt over a hot silver fox, a nice-looking older man who has his life together and has years of experience,” she said.

Apparently this guy’s years of experience include dating Ginger’s mom many years ago. It makes it that much more wrong but that much hotter, too. We don’t know what Ginger’s mom looked like in her heyday, but Ginger is a cute, little redhead with small, perky boobs, milky skin and a shaved innie pussy.

Ginger takes as much of his thick cock down her throat as she can manage. Then she takes as much of his thick cock in her pussy as she can manage, which is all the way. She pants and talks dirty as he thrusts into her, cumming on his cock while she’s on her back. When Ginger gets on top, her ass jiggles and she leaves a trail of cream down his shaft. She cums again when they’re in the spooning position, and he cums down her throat while she’s on her knees. Because nothing is off limits for Ginger.