Now 51, Ainsley Adams returns

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A lot has changed since we first saw Ainsley Adams at almost two years ago. Then separated from her husband, she’s now divorced. Then a first-timer to fucking on-camera, she’s now more experienced. Then 49, she’s now 51.

But some things haven’t changed. Ainsley is as beautiful and sexy as ever with her perfect body, slim waist and long, shapely legs. And those tits! Sure, Ainsley’s rack isn’t as big as the girls you’ll see over at SCORELAND, but it really is perfect. She has beautifully shaped, plump naturals that beg to be sucked on. Here, you get to see those tits. You also get to see her use an old-fashioned vibrator on her pussy.

Ainsley used to be an old-fashioned woman.

“I was a carpool mom,” she said. “I raised my kids and I worked. But I always had a little bit of an edge. A little bit of a sexy edge. I’ve done what people have asked me to do my whole life. I feel sexy. This makes me feel sexy. This makes me feel good.”

We’re glad to hear it. Ainsley makes us feel good.

50Plus MILFs: Did you watch the scenes you shot for us last time?

Ainsley: Yes, I did.

50Plus MILFs: Did you watch them alone or with somebody?

Ainsley: I watched them by myself.

50Plus MILFs: What did you think about them?

Ainsley: I loved them. They’re my favorites. I loved shooting with Nicky Rebel. He was so nice and respectful of my needs as I was new to doing this.