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Cheery southern babe CJ Woods has huge, heavy, beautifully-shaped tits. Her nipples are very prominent. CJ says they’re often hard. That makes sucking them easier.

Here CJ cums again, wearing a red tank top and little blue shorts. What a cutie! Peeling off her top reveals CJ’s bra. She says she buys her bras from Victoria’s Secret. CJ takes off her bra, holds her big boobs and lifts them up so her long, pink tongue can lick her nipples. Of course, her nips harden up right away. Lip smackin’ good! No question that CJ must get plenty of volunteers back home to lick and suck those flesh-pillows. She squeezes and squishes them and you can see how packed with breast meat they are.

CJ leaves the hallway and goes into a bedroom to play with her big ding-dongs some more and then gets busy finger-banging her horny slit. Getting on her knees on the bed, CJ spanks her girl-box in this pose so we can examine those fleshy ass cheeks that guys like to slap and rub, whether they’re fucking her or not.

Doggie is CJ’s favorite position. Says CJ, “I love it bent over the bed, a table, a chair, anything from behind!”