Selena Adams Can Play When The Office Closes For The Day

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Selena Adams manages a real estate business and every day is a busy day for the busty, sexy beauty. There’s a line that forms at her desk as soon as the doors open. Deliverymen, couriers, salesmen, brokers, lawyers, SCORE magazine readers and more seek her attention. It can get crowded in her office. It’s easy to see why. Selena has style and a whole lot more.

Finally, when the office closes for the day is when Selena can really play. Her tight, button-down blouse gets unbuttoned and her bra is unhooked and her tight skirt and thong panties are pulled down. The only things Selena doesn’t take off are her spike heels. Just because.

With the office deserted for the evening, Selena can make herself comfortable while we inspect her figures. Her assets add up beautifully. No wonder she’s one of the most-desirable businesswomen in Miami.