Sheridan & Charlee: Puss ‘N’ Boobs

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Sheridan Love. Charlee Chase. Licensed to thrill.

When Sheridan said that she was into girls, a tits and pussy pair-up was the proper thing to have.

Charlee is warming up alone in bed, just about to seriously start jilling when the phone rings. It’s Sheridan. She’s going out on a date and is nervous about it, having been out of the dating scene for a while. She asks Charlee to drop by and give her some girl support.

Charlee checks out Sheridan’s sexy outfit, and while it’s hot and looks great on Sheridan’s stacked figure, Charlee isn’t happy with the panties. Sheridan needs much sexier panties. Charlee opens her robe and shows Sheridan what she’s wearing. So Charlee’s goal is now to relax Sheridan and get her dolled up.

Charlee gets on the bed with Sheridan and gives her a back rub to loosen her up. She rubs Sheridan’s back and tits with cream. Sheridan is now really relaxed and very horny. She drops Charlee’s top and begins sucking Charlee’s tits, turning her on. Then Sheridan lays on her back, legs open. She wants Charlee to lick her cunt. This is exactly what Charlee wants, the taste of Sheridan’s sweet pinkness on her tongue.