Tailored For Tugging

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Pants a little tight in the crotch? Time for a fitting? You have come to the right place. Correction: You have come to the right place to cum. Bailey Santanna is well-known for her skill at tailoring. She’s a gem at adjustments. Like in adjusting your Johnson. First, Bailey will need to measure your inseam with her handy tape measure (the same one that she uses to measure her tits every morning).

Bailey kneels before you and measures. Now, there aren’t too many times in the day-to-day world that a girl will be kneeling before you. There aren’t many shoe shine girls left or female clerks in men’s shoe stores. So this is infinitely better than some old male tailor helping you. Look at the big fat tits on this chick! If you wonder why there isn’t a line of dudes waiting to have their trousers fixed, it’s because Bailey’s shop is a well-kept secret. Tugging on the crotch of your pants, Bailey thinks they are way too snug for your junk. She also thinks she has to measure inside your pants for accuracy’s sake. That okay with you? No worries. You are in good hands with this blonde bomber girl. Just her hovering by your groin and her feminine chat is causing that swelling feeling.

While she’s at it, Miss Santana advises you that it would be beneficial to measure your junk also. No argument there. She wraps her palm around your bloated shaft and pumps it, using her free hand to measure it better. “Do you mind if I play with it a little bit?” a smiling Bailey asks. “I just can’t help myself!” She starts jerking you faster and faster. Will she pop those huge 36GGs out?

It looks like you have found your permanent tailor. Time to go out and buy a few dozen trousers!