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Desiree is visiting a new doctor because her knockers have unexpectedly grown larger recently and she’s feeling a kind of tightness in her chest. The medic tells her to remove her top so he can give her a boob exam. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of this. If he’s lucky, that is. He sure looks like he wants to get to Desiree’s bottom.

Desiree gets off the exam table to remove her tight top. Her miniskirt rides up when she does. The doc is all eyes. Top off, her overflowing tits spill over her 32DDD bra like a river bursting through a dam. The answer is obvious why Desiree feels tightness around her chest. That bra is too small for her. However, her mounded, rounded tits look great in it. They look pretty good and healthy to the doctor. He suggests that he weigh them. She looks around for a scale. There is none. He tells Desiree that he can weigh them with his hands. That sounds like a very scientific way to weigh tits.

“Nice and heavy, eh?” he says while jiggling them. He has Desiree turn around so he can measure them from the back. Yes, very scientific measuring here. Is it a surprise that he graduated from SCORE Medical College?

“Yes, very healthy,” he repeats as he kneads them like dough. He has the redhead shake them and bounce up and down as he continues to check their “health.” Is this dude a real doctor?

He tells her to sit down again, to open her mouth, stick out her tongue and say “Aaah.” Then he sticks two fingers into her mouth. It’s good to see the latest medical breakthroughs being used to ensure Desiree’s wellness. This will be a very comprehensive and detailed breast exam. Not every doctor cares enough to tell his shapely female patients to spit on his cock.

Desiree will be getting a heavy cream pie prescription as a reward later. That’s why the title of this SCORE Video is “The Doctor Is In.” Really in.