The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot

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Lola Hot is a cute, young, Czech-next-door who had only done a few local lingerie and swimsuit shoots before she came to us. She was interested in glamour stuff at first. You know, photos of models looking off into the horizon, all covered up in some fancy outfit. Boring. Then she met us.

Lola models when it doesn’t interfere with her classes and studies. She speaks Czech and German but little English. At first, she didn’t seem the type to want to shoot full sex XXX with men but she surprised everyone. “I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” Lola confessed.

When Lola saw her SCORELAND solo videos in which she fingered her tight pussy-hole, she said, “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the videos and pictures of myself afterwards. It got me excited again. I play with myself when I am alone at home. But I would rather have a guy give me pleasure. I masturbate thinking about that.”

“I get a lot of attention because of my tits and my body,” said Lola. “So I thought that I should try modeling. Guys are always telling me that and asking if I am a model.”

In this scene, Lola gets home from a date with Matt and they retire to the couch. She is dressed like the typical hot, young chick: heels, tight short-shorts, an open, tight shirt knotted at the waist.

They start making out and Matt goes right for Lola’s big, beautiful tits. Before you know it, he’s got his cock in her mouth and she’s sucking it like a lollipop. She even jacks him off herself into her mouth after he fucks her hard. We tell ya, these girls today. Sex is no big deal to them. They’re not looking to get married. They’re like guys. They want to fuck and have orgasms. If they don’t have a boyfriend or a booty call, they’ll whack one out themselves with a toy.

“I always get attention because of my breasts and I like it. My boobs grew big late. I was 18 years old. I love my tits because they make me feel like a woman.”

Amen to that, Lola.