The Tahnee Taylor Experience

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Tahnee Taylor is 57 years old.

The guy she’s fucking here is 21 years old. That’s a 36-year difference.

She gives him the full Tahnee experience by letting him play with and suck on her big, full, natural tits then sink his cock into their softness. Of course, she sucks his young cock and fucks him, but a lot of the focus in this scene is on her tits, as it should be. Not surprisingly, he shoots his load on her rack.

Tahnee is a divorcee. She has kids. She definitely plays into the fantasy of seeing a big-titted MILF out in public with her kids in tow. Of course, her kids don’t know she’s here, doing this, and that makes it even more special.

As of this past April, eight years had passed since she’d last walked into our studio. But a few months ago, she emailed us. Some women just can’t get enough porn cock. Soft-spoken Tahnee seems to be one of them. And she’s welcome back any time she pleases.