This is one way to wake up your step-son

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So a guy (we’ll call him Chris) is fast asleep. It’s early in the morning, and when he wakes up, he thinks he must be dreaming. After all, his step-mother has her lips wrapped around his cock. She’s sucking. This has to be a dream, right?

Wrong. Because when Montse, his step-mother, woke up that morning, she had a plan: to get all dolled up in a sexy bra, panties and stockings and do to her step-son what most step-moms don’t do.

“You’re my step-mother? What are you doing?” Chris asks.

Obviously, Chris, she’s sucking your dick.

She motions to him to be quiet, which he does. Let’s face it: resistance is generally futile when a woman has your cock in her mouth, especially when the woman is as hot as Montse.

Montse is a 43-year-old wife, divorcee and mom from Madrid, Spain.

She doesn’t have any fetishes, unless you call sucking and fucking your step-son a fetish. She’s a swinger. Her fantasy is to have a three-way with twin brothers. She likes going to swingers club and being watched while she’s fucking. And she has a great ass. Chris shoots his load on that ass. Bet he didn’t think that would happen when he went to bed the night before.