Today, you get to fuck Andi James

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In a scene shot mostly (but not entirely) from your point of view, 56-year-old divorcee and mom Andi James gets her big, beautiful tits felt up before she sucks dick and gets her hairy pussy fucked every which way. The lucky dude, who might as well be you because we never see his face (just the way a lot of you like it), shoots his load all over her rack.

Andi, who’s from Boston and lives in South Florida, told us she found us when “I was just sorta carousing around the internet and saw an ad and just thought I would answer it. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to explore it. I thought it might just be a photo shoot in sexy lingerie. So I called and found out what it was all about.” Good call. Beautiful, horny women like Andi are always welcome here.

“I like to watch porn, but I never thought I would do it, and one of the reasons I thought I would never do it is because of my age,” she said. “It absolutely surprised me because I think the audiences want to see younger women. I guess some younger guys like older women who maybe know themselves a little better and what they like.” Older guys, too, Andi.

Andi has worked in public relations and marketing. She’s been a dancer and has been in the theater. She enjoys yoga and spending time with her family. Back in 2017, she broke her XXX cherry with JMac, and a few months later, she sucked and fucked another huge cock, so she jumped right in and went big. Now she’s back for more.

“I consider myself wild in the sense that I’ve done more exploring than my friends have done but maybe not as wild as other people,” she said.

But most people have not done this. That makes Andi wilder than most.