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A college administration mistake over books a single dorm room with Emma and Kendra. The girls are friendly but not exactly friends. Emma can’t help but sympathize with Kendra who has just moved to this college. She invites her to a party at the sorority house and the two become way better friends. Such better friends that Emma gets up the courage to ask if she can have Kendra be her first ever kiss. Emma can sense that Kendra is “more experienced” and the idea that Kendra could kiss her is soaking her panties with anticipation.

Kendra doesn’t miss a beat and she takes Emma’s offer for a kiss all the way down to her snatch where she licks her slippery cunt until Emma has her first ever climax from a girls’ mouth. Kendra is not going to stop with this little pussy service – she leans up and shows Emma her “snatch” which happens to be a huge, long penni. Isn’t this what everyone says college is for – experimenting? Emma slowly touches Kendra’s joint and the wraps her lips around it getting it nice and wet for cunt.

Kendra commands Emma to go clean out her butt hole too so she can poke her tight hole until she cums. And to top off Emma’s firsts, Kendra makes Emma jerk the load out of her tool right on to her face.

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