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Sara Jay’s black and white striped skin-tight jeggings wrap around her famous whooty ass like plastic wrap. She is very proud of that ass.

“I like to show my ass off, so I’ll turn around and show it to the guy, and that way he can see his cock going in and out of my cunt while he looks at my ass. And maybe he plays with my ass, too. You know, pulls it apart and squeezes it and all.”

Assante was eager to spread Sara’s cheeks apart and dick her pussy. With her limber limbs, Sara can pull her legs all the way back as Assante drives into her.

“I like girls who are built like me. Big tits, big ass,” said Sara. She made a great team with Daylene Rio, taking on one big cock. It was a match made in hooter heaven.

“I like to play with my tits, and I really don’t care if he’s playing with them. I mean, I’ll let a guy play with my tits, but I’d rather do it myself. It’s not like, ‘Oh, my boobs feel good with my hands touching them.’ It’s, ‘My hands touching my boobs feels good.’ When other people touch my boobs, it’s okay, but when I touch my boobs, I really like it. I like touching other girls’ boobs, too. I just like touching boobs. I’ll play with my nipples when I’m getting fucked, but it’s not because my nipples like it. It’s because my hands like it.”